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resources help #occupy thrive.

No matter your availability or access to resources, you are an asset to this people-driven movement. There are so many ways to benefit the movement, whether that be by donating your time, talents, money or supplies, there are many ways you can focus your support. You can help fund general assemblies, #occupy projects and affinity groups, provide for the needs of occupiers or donate your time and skills by volunteering online. There is no "central fund" for the movement. You decide how you want to contribute. Whatever way you show your support, your contribution is much appreciated.



If you've found #occupytogether to be a helpful resource, please consider making a donation to help us continue our work.



a bulletin board for the #occupy movement to post support needs 

join a project

many projects coordinate online and are available to join from anywhere 

volunteer locally

FIND and contact your local general assembly to see how you can best help 




follow this twitter hashtag to see what's most needed right now 

donate supplies locally

FIND your local general assembly and see what supplies are needed locally 



a list of #occupy allies accepting donations 

donate money locally

FIND your local general assembly donate through their website or in person 

#occupy kickstarter

Kickstarter is a crowd funding platform for creative projects 

#occupy indiegogo

indiegogo is a general funding platform 

movement resource group

an affinity group that works to connect funders to the movement