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  • September 17 All Roads Lead to Wall Street


    WHEN: September 28 & October 27
    WHERE: Denver, Colorado & New Orleans

    Occupy Denver and Occupy NOLA are organizing around the presidential debates. Events in Denver include a People's Forum and a People's Dialogue to discuss issues important to the people. Occupy NOLA will hold a People's Convention on October 27.
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  • global noise


    WHEN: October 13
    WHERE: Worldwide

    #globalNOISE is a call to action to show solidarity between international movements. Groups from all around the world will bang pots, blast music, sing, and shout to highlight the concerns of major importance to their local communities. more info >>

  • summer disobedience school


    WHEN: October 18 & November 14-22
    WHERE: Worldwide

    Fight back! Join in the GLOBAL EDUCATION STRIKE. All justice begins with knowledge. Stand with us as one this October and November, and the whole world will hear our call to Reclaim Education.
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what is direct action?

Direct action is another name for any act of nonviolent resistance undertaken by a group of people. Examples include (but are not limited to) civil disobedience, strikes, sit-ins, etc. These actions are intended to influence change outside of involvement in electoral politics.

how is direct action organized?

Anyone can be an organizer. You are empowered to address the issues you and your community directly face. With a small amount of planning, actions can be widely successful with only the efforts of a few dedicated people. Actions can be community-specific or happen on a movement-wide scale. To organize larger actions, a group of people work together to develop a "call to action" which they send out to their networks to inspire and rally other to join them. Mass #occupy actions are typically coordinated through #occupy channels of communication such as InterOccupy but are ultimately organized on a local level.

Meetup is a tool many communities and individuals use to help organize direct action on a local level. Anyone can declare an Occupy Together Meetup anywhere and anyone can view or join a Meetup. This will help connect you to people within your community when face-to-face networking is not an option.


general assembly


Progressive stack is a technique designed to ensure that people from marginalized groups get a chance to speak.

Consensus decision-making is a group decision making process that seeks the consent, not necessarily the agreement, of participants and the resolution of objections.

Quorum is the minimum number of members necessary to conduct business.

Learn more about the way general assemblies work.

the general assembly model of organizing


The General Assembly, a hallmark of consensus-based decision making that dates from sixth century BC Greece, is an inclusive form of direct democracy. The GA was used during the earliest stages of Occupy Wall Street to ensure that everyone got a voice, counteracting the natural tendency for the most forceful voices to dominate a discussion.


Also adopted by Chile and Quebec's student revolutions, Spain's indignados and Mexico's Yo Soy 132 movement, the GA is utilized by occupations nationwide to share information about working groups and connect the local occupations to the broader movement. Within encampments, the GA is an essential tool for forming agreements on shared values, articulating needs and devising strategy regarding fundraising and outreach—the fundamentals that make a movement dynamic and able to grow.


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    Find the nearest assembly using the #occupy directory below

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    Visit your assembly's website to find orientation or meeting times

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    Show up on time for an overview and observe or participate!


affinity groups, #occupy projects & #occupy allies

are groups of like-minded people who work together to achieve specific goals. In the #occupy movement, affinity groups work within the common goals of #occupy but are most likely not tied to a specific general assembly. Joining an affinity group can help focus your efforts behind specific issues or causes you feel strongly about. Concerned about the foreclosure crisis? Join the efforts of Occupy Our Homes. Want to see an end to unlimited corporate political contributions. Organize with Move to Amend.

why affinity groups?

Affinity groups are another way that anyone can get involved or organize to support the movement. In some cases, it makes more sense for a particular effort to expand outside of a single location or assembly so others from all over can get involved.


InterOccupy Coordination Hubs

InterOccupy's newest tool to help groups work together. The coordination hub is tailored for each group and includes tools like forum, wiki, minute documentation and a calendar. is a free/libre/open source software toolkit for online activists. Find notepads, wikis, scheduling, project task management, and other helpful tools for online collaboration.

coming soon

find an #occupy affinity group, project, or ally

We're working on creating a searchable, open database of #occupy affinity groups, allies, and projects sortable by geographic base, tags and description. Please tell us about your project, affinity group or project so we can include your entry in our inital development. If you are excited about this feature, please consider contributing a few dollars to help us continue our work.

In the meantime, check out the New York General Assembly project list, downloadable here.

Or, check out our Issues page to find an affinity group at the forefront of the issues that matter to you most