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networking #occupy online

is incredibly important in organizing and movement building on a national and worldwide level. Online tools and social media have driven the movement from the first days of #occupywallstreet. Connecting online isn't dependent on your location so you can plug into #occupy no matter where you are. Building an online community through social media helps spread awareness and other #occupy networks help organizing, strategy building, and education efforts.


connect with others on InterOccupy

InterOccupy is an #occupy project that provides channels of communication between assemblies, working groups and #occupy supporters no matter where they reside. These conference calls typically focus on developing ideas, strategizing, organizing, skill sharing, and open forums. Anyone can join in on a call and contribute to the conversation.


occupy network

The Occupy Network is a facebook app designed as a hub for all the facebook groups, pages and events connected to the #occupy movement. Get live feed updates, find others or start your own organizing efforts.

occupy talk

Occupy Talk is a system of voice chat rooms developed with the open source Mumble application. Users can chat with each other and hold meetings. You will need to download and install Mumble to connect.