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May Have Missed It: RadiOWS

With all of the talent and ideas surrounding #occupy, there are new projects and collaborations emerging daily. These pop up so quickly it’s hard to keep up. In an effort to spread the word, make connections, and spark inspiration for others, Occupy Together will be highlighting a few of these projects in this new blog series. If you have a suggestion for a project we should feature, please email us at


RadiOWS is a multimedia, free form radio show produced by Occupiers and aired monthly on the Pacifica Network. This project is relatively new and ready to grow. RadiOWS aims to air weekly as they expand. We’ve seen several #occupy radio efforts pop up and grow over the last several months. If you’d think you might have some talents or resources to contribute to an #occupy radio project or you’d like to get some advice on getting your own sister project off the ground, let us know and we’ll try to get you connected!

Episode 1: Foreclosure & Banking Crisis

Episode 2: Workers of the World

Episode 3: Women’s Issues and Organizing at Occupy Wall Street

Website: (under construction)
Twitter: @radiOWSLive