Direct Action Highlight: #GlobalNoise Day of Action

#globalNOISE is a call to action proposed by Spanish #15M activists to show solidarity between international movements through a coordinated global action to make some noise. Groups from all around the world will bang pots, blast music, sing, and shout to highlight the concerns of major importance to their local communities. The call to action now has the support of several people & groups from around the globe such as: InterOccupy, Canada, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Slovenia, Sudan, South Korea

Right now, #globalNOISE is collecting feedback from worlds’ assemblies and groups to try to spread the word about the proposal.

They are asking you to bring this proposal to your local assembly or nearest group to coordinate a single global action though grassroots organizing.

Help organize at the #globalNOISE InterOccupy hub.

Visit #globalNOISE on Facebook and Twitter.


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  1. [...] the concerns of major importance to their local communities. The call to action now [...] Source RELATED NEWSJoin #globalNOISE Day of International Action on October 13th, 2012Next Evento/ [...]

  2. nicholas says:

    The website is The link to the hub is broken.

  3. A certain individual says:

    I just want to be normal again. Not a person who seeks taboo… But a person who seeks people and their love in general. Whatever happened to me… I was once a 100% honest, decent, respectable human being. Im still 100% honest. But what is that worth anymore… what does throwing yourself out there get you? stolen identity? assassination? murder? robbed? I dont like the world we live in. People look at it as though we have it easy compared to those poor farmers from the past. But I envy those poor farmers from the past. Especially the christian ones. Only worrying about growing food as their biggest worry in life? or in the case of true christians not even that. Just working hard and trusting in the lord…. Because obviously many times over this world has completely failed us. Failed to provide us a sense of hope, failed to provide a sense of peace, failed to provide a sense of safety. So what are countries and their governments for? I dont know. Maybe you can educate me. I only see them as a tool to keep the populace in line so that they dont kill one another. But I fear that this is taken much further in our current times. I fear that this is taken to extremes which the simplest man chooses to ignore. I fear that not even the common man is safe anymore.. I fear that we are all just pawns in a game that those above us play. Like a game of life. An experiment. I dont like it. And I dont wish it on my fellow humans. But I fear that right now… they are seeing me type this. Taking note of it, and finding ways to discredit me. So my brothers and sisters of freedom and of the lord. Forgive me and read on. Whomever you call him. Jesus, yawjeh, mohammed, God, Spirit, Chi. Be warned. They are watching and seeking a way to keep us from the great God, holy one of our time. No matter your religion, listen to jesus on how to treat one another and believe in God your own way. In only this will we as a people succeed and move agaisnt those who wish to hold us down and use us as their own pawns. We are smarer, stronger and more relevant than they! We are what they have for God’s sake! It is not them who has power, but us the people who give it to them. Fight for who you are my people. And fight with God, Allah, Jesus, Mohammed, and all, one God, at your side.

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