Direct Action Highlight: Summer Disobedience School

I pledge disobedience
to the power of Wall Street
and the government of the 1 %
one No,
many Yeses
Another World is Possible
With Liberty and Justice for all!

Summer Disobedience School kicked off in NYC on May 26 and classes will be in session until Graduation Day—also known as Black Monday—September 17, the anniversary of the Liberty Square occupation.

Summer Disobedience School (SDS) is part training, part team building, and part skill share. It’s aim: to empower individuals to spearhead successful actions. Not to mention weekly infiltrations, interruptions, slowdowns, and blockades to remind to Wall Street we’re still hot at their heels.

From Summer Disobedience School:

A key priority in the OWSDS curriculum is the empowerment of new people to step up in planning and executing actions; to this end, OWSDS will involve a mentoring system in which those with more experience can “buddy up” with less experienced individuals to lend moral support and technical guidance. This “training of trainers” process can in turn be replicated and innovated by increasing numbers of people across time and space. Students will be encouraged to develop personal escalation calendars to track their own progress over the course of Summer School in advance of Graduation Day: September 17th, the one-year anniversary of OWS.

Think your town could use some disobedience lessons? OWS Direct Action is holding a Summer Disobedience School info session and Q&A on InterOccupy for anyone who is interested in learning more about SDS or wanting to organize SDS in their area.

Here’s the info:

Summer Disobedience School Info Session/Q&A
June 20, 2012 @ 5:30ET/2:30PT
Register via maestro

The call will take place directly before the Black Monday InterOccupy call so stay on the line if you’d like to learn about the national convergence of occupations in New York city on Black Monday.

For more info, download the OWS Direct Action Summer Disobedience School Workbook!

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