Occupy Together Celebrates May Day With Prelaunch of New Site

Occupy Together celebrated May Day with the prelaunch of the new www.occupytogether.org! We’re working to refocusing site content and structure in an effort to strengthen the outreach and self-organization advocacy efforts of Occupy Together.

As you may have noticed, the blog portion of Occupy Together has been separated from the main website. We’ll still be making updates on developing actions and syndicating #occupy news, but the focus is going to be much more on featuring organizing efforts and ways to engage in the movement.

In the coming weeks you’ll see the site fully realized to include advocacy toolkits, a community direct action calendar, a detailed introduction to #occupy and much, much more. If you are enthusiastic about this work please consider donating to us through our WePay account. If you’d like to learn more about our mission, vision & values please read about them here.

Thank you for being patient while we’re in transition. Our previous content will be fully restored shortly as we update and reinstall. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause in the meantime.

We would love for you to send your feedback or report any bugs you may find while you’re browsing.

Here’s to Spring!

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2 Responses

  1. john sabot says:

    Please file class action lawsuits against the police on behalf of all the nonviolent protesters who have been beaten, pepper sprayed, tasered, and arrested. Thats the best way to stop rampant abuse by police.

    Thank you

    • Awakening says:

      Totally agreed just look what went down and is going down in Greece, we need to stop them before it get’s out of control. Two time Iraq veteran support the peaceful revolution violence isn’t the answer.

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