What YOU Can Do on May Day

May Day is an international day of celebration to honor the labor movement. This year the Occupy movement has made a call for mass action—the May First General Strike (#M1GS): a day without the 99%. Over 115 US cities have organized in solidarity with this call to action.

A general strike is a way to build and demonstrate the power of the people. It’s a way to show this is a system that only exists because we allow it to. If we can withdraw from the system for one day we can use that day to build community and mutual aid. We can find inspiration and faith—not in any leaders or bosses but in each other and in ourselves.

If you are inspired by the day of action but don’t live near any organized events you can still take part. If you can’t strike, take the first step. We can work to shift the balance of power back into the hands of the people little by little in our everyday lives.

Here are some examples to get you thinking:

  1. Move Your Money: If you haven’t already, May Day is as good as any to move your money out of a national, corporate bank into a local bank or credit union. Support your local community and break up the “too big to fail” Wall Street banks that threaten our economic system. Learn more about moving your money here: www.moveyourmoneyproject.org
  2. Have a Potluck: Share a meal with others and and talk about subsidized agriculture and factory farming or make a meal with friends to serve to local homeless people a la Food Not Bombs.
  3. Start a Personal/Community Garden: On May Day, start or pledge to start a personal or community garden. Growing our own food means independence from corporate farms. This is one more way to take your self out of a system bent on keeping us complacent.
  4. Have a Free Store/FairGet together and share your unwanted items with others. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. You could be helping someone who was about to go out and buy a (fill in your item here) anyway.
  5. Ride your bike to work/carpool with friends: Ride your bike or arrange a carpool to work. When you do this you are lessening our country’s dependency on outdated, unclean energies.
  6. Screen a Movie: Invite your friends or neighbors over to watch a documentary. After, have a discussion about how it relates to your values or the ideas of Occupy. You can watch political documentaries online at the following links for free:


  7. Have a Skill Share: Give a free class to share your skills and knowledge. This could be as simple as giving a knitting demonstration or as complex as teaching someone a new language.

We have the power in our hands to change the course of our day to day realities if we are willing to participate and reach out to our neighbors and communities. In the words of Steven Biko, ”the greatest weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.” Big business should not be in control of us, we are the many and they are the few.

We’d love to hear how you are planning to take part on this day of action. Please email your stories and pictures to bootz@occupytogther.org so we can share them!

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  1. Ellie says:

    The Texas locations cannot be found what can I do to find information for movements in Texas?

    • Ellie I SEE that! I wonder how much the red state(no more after NOVEMBER!)cronies paid to have that silenced. No matter, luv, Strike against the bastards that want it all. Our moines, our bodies our civil rights. Change banks to a credit union or community bank. Find out who really own them first. IF they “can’t” or won’t tell you, keep moving. As Texas women, we know the power of the psychotic pseudo “Christian” men AND their totally vacuous women is hard to topple. We are doing it though! Don’t stop fighting till the last vote is made.

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  3. Bootz says:

    Hey so we see your concerns about links not working and a working to correct that now. Hopefully the links will be working later today

  4. Great ideas to spread the message! A lot of us out there are still drinking the kool-aid! I hope Occupy Together doesn’t mind me posting a link on my blogroll at http://www.proletarianrevolution.com. I’m not sure if this is a problem. If it is, I am happy to take it down, but I feel we are championing the same cause.

  5. CypherDivine says:

    Here’s a website for the list of activities Occupy Atlanta is doing for May Day. http://www.maydayatlanta.org/

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  9. A quick look at the world’s newspapers today enough to detect a discontent that had long manifested itself not on this scale. So if you know what you’re looking for, even though the global media tries to hide it.

    Fortunately, it is Internet, and if we have accurate and visible from much of what happens in the streets of Spain, Greece, Iceland, Israel, USA, India, Egypt, Chile, England and Syria, not through the first pages of major newspapers. For now, the digital network is free, and have not yet found a way to tame it, or do not have encouraged it scaled. As governments continue to play Russian roulette with cuts and loans to save economies sinking hopelessly one after another, and spontaneous popular protests grow almost everywhere. It may be safe to say that people have finally woken up after a sleep of more than forty years, but will not be incorrect to say that at least sleep a turbulent dream, at any time, can lead to a fully awake and eyes open.

    The system breaks down, at all levels. The demise of communism did nothing but hasten the downfall of capitalism. Free competition regime “which has more, earn more” focused on the delight of his worst instincts to a degree never known and precipitates to the bottom of the spiral cannibal of his own greed. Fossil fuels, based on the entire economy, is just hopeless, and it is clear that the intention is to squeeze every last drop, sparing no war, famine or natural disaster importune consciousness. Of the many knots and patches, the democracies have no thread to hold his mask, with each repression, each and every social cuts leave more electoral farce it clear that there are nothing but instruments of corporations and global banks to prevent peoples to achieve their legitimate rights.

    It is the end. No one knows how long, but it is inexorable.

    And there is nothing more difficult to overcome that conditioning. We are so immersed in the world as we know, so drunk the stale air of our society, so indoctrinated from birth with assumptions that seem immutable, that the very idea of ​​a change-over did not envision it accurately-blocks us from terror. Any suggestions out involving the monetary system, abolishing the voting representative, using unconventional materials and energy, socialize the means of production or revolutionize the educational apparatus, is confronted with an immediate rejection, followed by the familiar appellation disqualifying. When something does not fit our perspective, we reject calling it ‘utopian’.

    With utopian not only what we mean impossible or impractical, but a touch of naivete surfaces you want to show. And that no one suggests that the changes are easy, cheap or intantáneos, much less automatic. However, raised transcend the system is considered just a dreamer, a madman, a child who thinks of balloons. He demeans the status of a madman, with much imagination, yes, even intelligent and capable, but with your feet off the ground. Organ transplantation, computers and space travel were once considered, and many times before, utopian. Today they are part of our lives.

    Given the imminence of the catastrophe, many offer solutions. But most are just old recipes aimed at the immediate and who have failed on countless occasions. Bank bailouts, interest rates, unemployment bags, recycled, mixed economies, long-term credit, replacement technologies, alternative training, more government, less state, autonomy of markets and many others. If you heard about them, is almost certainly already been used and did not work. But pay attention: “The problems we have can not be solved at the same level of thinking that created them.” Einstein said it, but it does not matter that he said the kiosquero in your neighborhood or the lyrics of a song. It is true, and your conscience is recognized as true.

    We have sold we live in modern times, but nothing more false, we in the prehistory of humanity, both economically and politically and socially.

    We allow an elite of millionaires indifferent and selfish rule the world through a system that enslaved millions in repetitive, unhealthy and poorly paid. We teach from kids to compete with us to tear us apart so that they ultimately bear the fruit of our efforts. Money is our God, and runs through our fingers just buying chimeras that we meet while inflation and erode our savings banks, or directly to pay the remaining debt that does not know how to incur any. The Earth’s resources are sufficient to meet all our needs, but are held by corporations that sell wild as if they belonged, not only wasted and exhausted, but above is charged to us at exorbitant prices. We use only a small part of the technology we possess, but not apply it to improve our lives to the fullest extent, and since it does not produce money immediately, it relegates the system develops only what sells and discard the rest. In fact, corporations buy all the time patents of new inventions to make sure you never get to realize. We often find that our government, supposedly elected by ourselves, nor allow us to protest. And keep us at bay with police, bureaucracy, cheap entertainment and pervasive lies of religion. Want our will and destiny ever, in a hundred, two hundred or a thousand years, this labyrinthine remember this as a dark and macabre as the armored blindness of our society gave way to a first beam of light.

    Because sooner or later have to realize that, for a new day dawns, many of the concepts that now seem unusual and fill us with fear, must be not only accepted but also assimilated with courage and without prejudice. It’s not about hope, but of survival.

    The next time someone talks about social engineering, abolition of private property, EBR (resource-based economies), dislocation of the monetary system, control population growth, urbanization intelligent, open-source ecology, banking ethics, prosumismo, socioholismo, Bitcoins, criptoanarquismo, Freenet, food sovereignty, democracy liquid neocracia, pluriarquía, adhocracy, holocracia, netocracia, eudemocracia or any other form of government than the current representative democracy and unacceptable, renewable energy, green building, permaculture, agricultural biodiversity, micro network , multicultural education, divergent thinking and many other terms that are not even remotely familiar … I suggest you lend your ear.

    A future is utopian, because it has not happened.

    If it has not happened, we can alter it.

    It is essential that the future of the visionaries, not conformists.

    Never forget that when the idea is and will accompany, the impossible just takes time.

    That time is our ally, then, and not the cemetery of our intentions.

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  12. Jane says:

    If the goal of May 1 is to get people to not go to work – why are you shutting down the ferry and not the GG Bridge? Since you’ve left this open, there is no excuse not to come in to work from the North Bay. Now you are forcing people who would normally take the ferry to drive across the bridge – so the state government can make more money off of their bridge tolls. And the working class can spend an extra hour sitting in their cars destroying the environment. Spending money on extra fuel. Not to mention the extra money they’ll be forced to spend on parking in the city. How exactly does this hurt the 1%?

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