• Occupy Sandy Recovery Still Needs Your Help!

    Occupy Sandy Recovery Still Needs Your Help!

    Occupy Sandy is a coordinated relief effort to distribute resources and volunteers to help neighborhoods and people affected by Hurricane Sandy. Find a list of urgent needs at http://interoccupy.net/occupysandy/

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  • Strike Debt’s Rolling Jubilee: A Bailout of the People by the People

    Strike Debt's Rolling Jubilee: A Bailout of the People by the People

    A bailout of the people by the people! Strike Debt kicked off Rolling Jubilee on November 15th, 2012 with a variety show and telethon to buy and abolish debt—raising enough to abolish over $5,000,000 dollars of medical debts. From Rolling Jubilee's website: Rolling Jubilee is a Strike Debt project that buys debt for pennies on the dollar, but instead of ...

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Strike Debt’s Rolling Jubilee: A Bailout of the People by the People

A bailout of the people by the people!

Strike Debt kicked off Rolling Jubilee on November 15th, 2012 with a variety show and telethon to buy and abolish debt—raising enough to abolish over $5,000,000 dollars of medical debts.

From Rolling Jubilee’s website:

Rolling Jubilee is a Strike Debt project that buys debt for pennies on the dollar, but instead of collecting it, abolishes it. Together we can liberate debtors at random through a campaign of mutual support, good will, and collective refusal. Debt resistance is just the beginning. Join us as we imagine and create a new world based on the common good, not Wall Street profits.
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Occupy Sandy Recovery Still Needs Your Help!

Occupy Sandy is a coordinated relief effort to distribute resources and volunteers to help neighborhoods and people affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Find a list of urgent needs at http://interoccupy.net/occupysandy/

Direct Action Highlight: #GlobalNoise Day of Action

#globalNOISE is a call to action proposed by Spanish #15M activists to show solidarity between international movements through a coordinated global action to make some noise. Groups from all around the world will bang pots, blast music, sing, and shout to highlight the concerns of major importance to their local communities. The call to action now has the support of several people & groups from around the globe such as: InterOccupy, Canada, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Slovenia, Sudan, South Korea

Right now, #globalNOISE is collecting feedback from worlds’ assemblies and groups to try to spread the word about the proposal.

They are asking you to bring this proposal to your local assembly or nearest group to coordinate a single global action though grassroots organizing.

Help organize at the #globalNOISE InterOccupy hub.

Visit #globalNOISE on Facebook and Twitter.


Direct Action Highlight: Convergence to Block the Return to Class

Montreal – August-13th to 17th

Since February, students across Quebec have been on strike against a 75% tuition hikes. These students have maintained picket lines, disrupted classes, blocked bridges, and continually taken the streets in fierce resistance to the neoliberal agenda of the Charest Liberal government.

The week of August 13-17 is a crucial moment for the student strike. Either the strike will be crushed by Charest’s “special law”, or the strike will continue, with the support of individuals from all over Quebec, Ontario, the Maritimes and the USA converging onto Montreal between August 13-17.

Join us in the streets and on the picket lines at CÉGEPs throughout this week.

Consult http://bloquonslarentree.com for more details about housing and other useful information for anyone considering coming to Montreal to re-inforce the student strike.

All out against the “special law”! Block the return to classes!


Read the InterOccupy Newswire Article

Direct Action Highlight: #S17 All Roads Lead to Wall Street


Last September 17th, as part of a wave of global protest, people from across the country raced to the heart of New York’s financial district to occupy Wall Street. In the face of big banks foreclosing on our homes, killing our jobs, buying up our democracy, and turning our environment into just another toxic asset, you showed up, and we became the 99%.

On September 15-17th, join us in this fight for our country, our world – this fight for our lives.

For years, people all over the world have been crippled by the corporate greed of the 1%. They built their bonuses out of stolen pensions of teachers, civil servants, and our neighbors. We pay for their welfare. They bet and borrow against our future. We drown in debt. So who is really in debt to whom? Now our elected representatives want us to embrace austerity–work harder for less, retire later (if at all), and say goodbye to our fundamental labor protections. They’re betting on our obedience. They’re betting wrong.

Join us for three days of education, celebration and resistance to economic injustice with permitted convergences and assemblies, concerts, and mass civil disobedience. 

Here’s what we have planned. Get creative with us—help organize

For every crumbling aspect of our society, the cause of the ruin can be traced back to corporate greed. Follow the money. All roads lead to Wall Street. And in the days and weeks before (and long after) September 17th, we will be here, demanding a system that puts the health of our communities over the profits of the 1%. We are the 99%.

Can’t join us in NYC? It’s just as important that we Occupy Main Street. Pick a local target that embodies corporate greed—occupy your state Capitol building like the people of Wisconsin, or a chamber of commerce conference as they did in D.C. Take inspiration from revolutionary occupations worldwide, from the railroads of India to the rivers of the Amazon to the streets of Spain. Wall Street has occupied our entire planet. What do you have to say about that?

Visit S17NYc.org for more information.

Find a solidarity action happening near you here: http://wiki.occupy.net/wiki/S17_Solidarity

Organize a rideshare at occupywallst.org/rides

Interested in helping organizing or outreach efforts? Join the #S17 InterOccupy organizing hub.

#Occupied: Reports From the Front Lines


The 99 Mile March comes home. Photo: Yoni Jakob Brombacher Miller
This week in Occupy, the 99 Mile March rocked its way across two states, the movement survived an NYPD smear campaign, Comic Con got #occupied, and banks continued their usual reprehensible behavior.

#Led by the Occupy Guitarmy, the 99 Mile March arrived in Manhattan via the Staten Island ferry to honor folk singer Woody Guthrie on his 100th birthday. The trek, which began in Pennsylvania on July 5 following the Occupy National Gathering, terminated at Liberty Square, where marchers were greeted by police. At least one was injuredand three were arrested in the aftermath.

Occupy Wall Street activists Justin Wedes and Rodney Deas read with students at the Paul Robeson Freedom School in Brooklyn. Photo: Ángel Franco
#After their Hamptons action, the MoneyOut/VotersIn affinity group of Occupy Wall Street released talking points about the Koch Brothers, who were apparently so rattled that they released a set of their own. In them, they call Andy Stephanian, Occupy Wall Street‘s media adviser,  a “convicted terrorist” because he was one of theSHAC 7, which campaigned to shut down a notorious animal testing lab only to be sentenced to Gitmo North.

#The Paul Robeson Freedom School summer camp, started by members of Occupy Wall Street and modeled on civil-rights-era Freedom Schools, was profiled in the New York Times.

#Madeline Nelson described her jail visit with Mark Adams, who has been dubbed Occupy Wall Street’s first political prisoner.

#On July 11, the NYPD announced that DNA recovered from a bicycle chain at the site of a wildcat fare strike in March had been matched with DNA linked to the unsolved killing of Sarah Fox, a Julliard student whose naked body was discovered in Inwood Hill Park in 2004. The story was sensationalized on the New York Post’s front page and in multiple mainstream media outlets. The next day two anonymous sources from the medical examiner’s office told the New York Times that the DNA likely came from a lab worker who worked on both cases. So where were the retractions? A skimpy three-paragraph article buried in the next day’s Post admitted that the link was a lab error, a far cry from the previous day’s cover splash. The lopsided coverage angered members of Occupy Wall Street, who came to suspect the leak was part of an NYPD smear campaign. While it’s certainly true that the NYPD has no love for the city’s activists, police commissioner Ray Kelly also might have publicized an Occupy/murder link to detract from a report two days earlier that he and Mayor Bloomberg overstated the department’s counterterror successes.

The Occupy Guitarmy led the 99 Mile March from Philadelphia to New York. Photo: Stacy Lanyon
#The same day he pushed an Occupy/murder link, Ray Kelly actually said his racist stop-and-frisk policy is for the black and Latino population’s own good. But the policy may hit judicial roadblocks, as recent rulings by federal and state courts have now cast judges as the most potent critics of the practice.

#Meanwhile, Philadelphia’s police department continues enforcing its stop-and-frisk policy, albeit with “legal safeguards.”

#Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter’s ban on feeding the homeless was blocked by a federal judge.

#If Occupy did one thing, the Christian Science Monitor reported, it put the wealth gap in the news, and kept it there.

#“Nobody trusts the system anymore,” Occupy Wall Streeter Alexis Goldstein toldChris Hayes on MSNBC.

#Debt is emerging as a connective thread for Occupy organizers and their allies as they begin to build toward the movement’s one-year anniversary, Truthout opines.

#A California appeals court ruled that police officers may be held liable for injuring someone with a pepper ball projectile intended to disperse a crowd. The decision, which stems from a 2004 incident, is a good sign for the U.C. Davis students doused with pepper spray in November, who have sued university police.

Comic Con: #Occupied. Photo: Russ Burlingame
#Occupy Fresno joined Members of Faith In Community and Peace Fresno to call for a divestment of accounts with Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs.

#In the early hours of July 10, armed SWAT officers burst through the doors of an apartment belonging to organizers of Occupy Seattle as part of an ongoing investigation into the May Day riots. Phillip Neel, one of the residents of the apartment, spoke about the ordeal.

#San Diego Comic Con International staged an Occupy Comics panel on July 15 featuring David Lloyd, Zoetica Ebb, Susie Cagel and other contributors to the Occupy Comics Anthology.

#The LAPD brutalized participants of Chalkwalk, a sidewalk-decorating festival staged by Occupy Los Angeles around the Downtown LA Art Walk to bring attention to the arrests that have been occurring at 626 Wilshire. The police fired rubber bulletsat occupiers and non-occupiers alike, arresting 17.

#A federal court awarded $200,000 to an Orlando activist who was imprisoned for 18 days after scribbling “The revolution will not be televised” and “All I want for Christmas is a revolution”  in front of city hall last December.

#An Occupy Eugene member was arrested on July 11 as the group dismantled its latest base at the behest of federal officials who ordered an end to the 10-week demonstration outside the Federal Building. “Brave Beatrice,” a.k.a. Emily Semple, 58, said she never thought she’d want to get arrested. “But this is important,” she said. “There’s no way that I’m not going to stand up for my First Amendment rights.”

Members of Occupy Sun Valley blocked a pathway during a demonstration at the Allen & Company Conference on July 12. Photo: Getty
#Occupy Santa Cruz is back, and the police are right on its heels.

#The Oakland City Council voted unanimously to end its relationship with Goldman Sachs if it did not terminate an interest rate swap deal the city entered into with the investment behemoth back in 1997. If Goldman refuses, the city council will enlist the Stop Goldman Sachs Coalition, a group with members affiliated with Occupy Wall Street.

#Occupy Marin has taken up the cause of a Mill Valley couple who are trying to avoid being evicted from the home they lost to foreclosure. Patricia Goff, 60, was in a serious car accident and has been unable to work, and she and her husband face eviction by Wells Fargo.

#Occupy Wall Street #occupied the Allen and Company retreat for media and tech moguls in Sun Valley, Idaho, on July 12, laying down on the sidewalk near the town’s duck pond where Google co-founder Sergey Brin and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg were enjoying lunch.

#One week after nearly 700 nurses, nurse assistants and laundry, dietary and housekeeping staff began walking the picket lines at five HealthBridge nursing homes in a strike over unfair labor practices, Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy and Lieutenant Governor Nancy Wyman came out to join them.

#In a settlement negotiated by the ACLU, Occupy Delaware agreed to temporarily suspend its occupation of Wilmington’s Spencer Plaza in September to make way for a much-needed $1.2 million renovation. The group has maintained the longest-lasting Occupy Wall Street-inspired tent occupation in the nation despite freezing weather, violent storms, blistering heat, the hazards of night and attempts by the city to renege on agreements.

Nurses picketed HealthBridge over unfair labor practices. Photo: 1199NE
#Occupy Tampa met with the West Tampa Community Development Corporation to discuss claims that the encampment in the privately-owned Voice of Freedom Park on Main Street is tarnishing the city’s image. But in fact, some residents said it wasn’t until Occupy Tampa fully inhabited the park seven months ago that they finally felt empowered to use it.

#Occupy Knoxville activist Paul Jacobs penned an editorial in the Knoxville News Sentinel urging his overwhelmingly conservative neighbors to recognize that “we live in a closed system of control, designed so that we find a wall any way we turn,” and “another world is possible.”

#Some of the nation’s largest corporations — General Electric, Caterpillar, Microsoft, Wal-Mart, Chevron, Cisco, Intel, Stanley Works, Merck, United Technologies and Oracle — cut their workforces by 2.9 million people over the last decade while hiring 2.4 million people overseas.

#A federal judge upheld two Springfield, Massachusetts, anti-foreclosure ordinances, ruling against six regional banks that sought to overturn the regulations.

#Major websites and human rights advocates criticized a proposed law that would grant the Russian government broad new powers to restrict online content, supposedly to protect children from pornography and other harmful material. Critics said the law could quickly lead to repression of speech and a restrictive firewall like the one in China.

#A peaceful march in support of the Asturian miners in Madrid led to violence when police evicted the crowd.

A Spanish demonstrator protested against recent austerity measures in Madrid on July 13. Photo: The Sunday News
#Spanish civil servants, many dressed in mourning black, took to the streets July 13 in angry protest as the government approved new sweeping austerity measures that include wage cuts and tax increases for a country struggling under a recession and an unemployment rate of 25 percent.

#To show solidarity with the Occupy Movement, Iran hosted the International Wall Street Downfall Cartoon Festival.

#British austerity has left the elderly and the disabled fearing for their lives.

#A march to protest the declared winner of the July 1 presidential election drew 5,000 to Mexico City on July 14. The protesters – a mix of students, adults and families – marched from the Angel of Independence monument to the Zocalo, Mexico City’s largest plaza.

#Indians braved the rain-slicked streets of Guwahati to protest for rights and protections for women, bolstered by the recent molestation of a young girl and an attack on a female member of the legislative assembly. The culprits remain free in both cases, and the government “has failed miserably” in tackling the issue, an advocate said.

#Radical Islamists in northern Mali briefly detained about 90 protesters and whipped them in an apparent attempt to intimidate the locals.

#Syrian security forces killed 200 people in the town of Tremseh in central Hama province, according to anti-government activists. But Bashar al-Assad’s government is nearing its end, as defections from his inner circle mount.

An entry in the International Wall Street Downfall Cartoon Festival. Image: Mahdi Rozbahani.
#While once estimated to be anywhere from $2 billion to $9 billion, the final cost of JPMorgan Chase’s risky hedge was reported to be $5.8 billion.

#In the wake of the Libor scandal, the Justice Department’s criminal division is building cases against several financial institutions and their employees, including traders at Barclays. The Federal Reserve knew of the rate rigging scandal as far back as 2007 and did nothing to stop it. ZeroHedge illuminated the many ways banks commit criminal fraud.

#HSBC is the latest bank to have laundered money for Mexican drug cartels and terrorists because of its lax controls. Last week, the FBI accused Bank of America of laundering money for Las Zetas.

#Visa, MasterCard and major banks agreed to pay retailers at least $6 billion to settle a long-running lawsuit for conspiring to fix the fees that stores pay to accept credit cards. As part of the settlement, stores from Rite Aid to Kroger will be allowed to charge customers more if they pay using a credit card.

Chalkwalk: #Occupied. Photo: Occupied Stories
#Wells Fargo will pay at least $175 million to settle accusations that it discriminated against African-American and Hispanic borrowers in violation of fair-lending laws.

#A range of Facebook users, from political dissidents to technology bloggers, are reporting the sudden blocking of their pages.

#South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham actually said, “It’s really American to avoid paying taxes, legally,” the way Mitt Romney does with his foreign tax shelters.

#The implosion of the subprime lending market has left a scar on the finances of black Americans, one that not only has wiped out a generation of economic progress but could leave them at a financial disadvantage for decades.

#Why does the mainstream media keep perpetuating falsehoods about the ATF’s Fast and Furious operation?

#According to Pew researchers, only half of Americans will exceed their parents’ wealth.

#The next strategic and tactical step in the Medicare For All movement is divestment from private health insurance, TIAA-CREF said.

An estimated 170,000 gathered for an anti-nuclear rally in Tokyo. Photo: The Japan Daily Press
#new survey by law firm Labaton Sucharow LLP, which looks to work with potential whistleblowers to help SEC investigations, found 26% of financial employees in the U.S. and U.K. surveyed had firsthand knowledge of “wrongdoing in the workplace.” 16% of those surveyed said they would engage in insider trading if they could make $10 million and not get caught, and 24% believed rules “may have to be broken in order to be successful.”

#In a misguided solution to the threat of voter disenfranchisement in Florida, the Department of Homeland Security has granted state election officials access to a database of noncitizen residents for use in Republican-backed efforts to remove people who are not American citizens from voter registration rolls. The decision came after efforts by the Obama administration to block access.

#Number-cruncher Nate Silver attempts to derive whether voter identification laws depress turnout.

#ProPublica curated the best reporting on detention and rendition under Obama.

Bangladeshi garment workers marched to express solidarity with the striking miners of Spain. Photo: Occupy San Francisco
#Occupy the Film Festival will bring together the most compelling and innovative films of the movement on September 15 at Anthology Film Archives in New York.

#Occupy groups from Santa Rosa, San Francisco, Portland, Sebastopol and Petaluma are joining twenty other social justice activist organizations to protest the powerful 1% elites partying at the secretive Bohemian Grove in Monte Rio, California, from July 14 to 29.

#According to Occupy Arrests, there have been 7,360 arrests in 116 cities since September 17.

Want to report news about your occupation or meetup? Email me at JenSacks77@gmail.com.

This week’s roundup was brought to you in conjunction with Occupy ALL the Updates, curated by citizen journalist SIUKittyPie, and Occupier and journalist Kelli Daley.

Direct Action Highlight: Hood Week (July 20–22)

Occupy the Hood has organized a national day of action—dubbed “Hood Week”—where OTH chapters from all over the country will come together for community building, positive networking, education, and empowerment. OTC chapters will converge in Atlanta for Hood Week over the July 20-22 weekend to promote peace and unity within neighborhoods.

Occupy the Hood is an affinity group working to bring more people of color and their concerns to the Occupy movement. To learn more visit them on the web at www.officialoccupythehood.org or on Facebook or Twitter.


FRIDAY (July 20th, 2012)

Occupy The Hood Meet & Greet!

An evening of introduction and positive networking. Buy  tickets in advance here. Hurry, tickets are limited.

The OTH Meet & Greet will Feature:

• Occupy The Hood National Chapters
• The artwork of local Atlanta artists
• Tattoo artist on rooftop
• Conscious poets

SATURDAY (July 21th, 2012)

“Unity Day” Occupy Your Mind!

Grow something! Teach something! A day of building, workshops and community service designed to educate, engage and empower. Email OTH at HoodWeekATL@gmail.com for vending or sponsorship info.
SUNDAY (July 22th, 2012)

Occupy The Hood Presents: “Rep Your Hood” Blowout BBQ Finale
Maddox Park (1142 Donald Lee Hollowell Pky Nw, Atlanta, GA 30318)

This will be a family reunion style event, because we are FAMILY! Several activities, music artists and informational speakers will be there. All we need is YOU, and your dish and/or drink.


There are several community organizations (local and national) slated to donate their time and resources to this cause. Occupy the Hood would love to have your assistance in this effort as well. You can reach them at  Occupythehoodatl@gmail.com or www.facebook.com/OccupyTheHoodAtlanta for further info/sponsorship packages.

Also, please consider donating on WePay to help make Hood Week a success.

Protest the 1% at Bohemian Grove

Post originally appeared on Occupy.com

Photo: Plaque outside the Bohemian Club’s San Francisco clubhouse.

Occupy groups from Santa Rosa, San Francisco, Portland, Sebastopol and Petaluma are joining twenty other social justice activist organizations to protest the powerful 1% elites partying at the secretive Bohemian Grove in Monte Rio, California, from July 14 to 29.

A few thousand rich and wealthy men, former presidents and titans of industry among them, have gathered every summer for 133 years in a private 2,800 acre ancient redwood retreat to celebrate themselves with parties, entertainment and speakers. Bohemian Club members and their guests will hold a Cremation of Care ceremony July 14 where they symbolically burn the cares of the world before a giant owl in a bizarre annual ritual. Join us while we protest the 1% billionaire elites.

Open Letter to San Francisco Bohemian Club

July 4, 2012

Mr. Robert J. Boesch President San Francisco Bohemian Club 624 Taylor Street San Francisco, CA 94102

Dear Mr. Boesch,

Media Freedom Foundation/Project Censored has joined a coalition of some twenty-five social justice organizations and occupy groups to protest the San Francisco Bohemian Club’s practices at your annual summer encampments.

We are holding an Occupy Bohemian Grove protest in Monte Rio on July 14. Occupy groups from five cities are involved in protesting your annual summer encampment of the rich and powerful 1%. Given that it takes $588,000 in assets to be in the top 1% of the world richest people, we believe that a significant portion of your members fit this category.

Our group has attended the planning meetings for this protest, and want to inform you about the days events and make some policy recommendations for the Club to consider.

The Occupy Bohemian Grove coalition is planning a four hour public assembly from noon to 4:00 on July 14. During that time there will be speakers, music and a creation of care ceremony in opposition to your cremation of care and private talks by policy elites at the Grove. KPFA radio will broadcast live from Monte Rio, No Lies Radio will video feed the proceedings on the internet, and Russia Today TV will be filming and interviewing activists.

We are not planning or promoting civil disobedience or trespassing on Grove property as part of the protest. We are not organizing a march on the Grove, as has been done in the past. Some curious participants may walk up the Bohemian Highway to see your gates.

Recommendations to the San Francisco Bohemian Club in a time of Occupy the 1%.


The 2,000 acre retreat, now privately held near Monte Rio, California, is in part an ancient old growth redwood forest with trees over one thousand years of age and;

The San Francisco Bohemian Club continues to exclude women from membership and;

Significant public leaders in the world give private keynote addresses (chats) on a daily basis on important policy issues, and;

The private happenings inside the summer retreat boundaries face continuing unproven rumors regarding nefarious behaviors and insider deals made by powerful elites.

We recommend that:

  1. The Bohemian Grove recognize the rights of humankind to enjoy a fair share of the common heritage of the ancient redwood forest by opening the Grove to tours on a regular basis when club members are not assembled—
  2. The Bohemian Club begin a policy of admitting women and arranging the Grove to accommodate both genders—
  3. The lakeside chats and other addresses by key policy officials be made public on-line and transcripts prepared and published—
  4. The Cremation of Care ceremony be transformed into a building of unity of care in the world and the ceremony be made public on-line—
  5. The Bohemian Club set up an on-line live feed from the main stage and field circle, as events are occurring.

We strongly believe in full transparency of public figures giving lectures to a select few men and we believe that the privacy of your events is unnecessary in a time of increasingly inequality between the 1% and the 99%.

We think that the San Francisco Bohemian Club can demonstrate a belief in an open transparent democratic society by simply changing a few of your historical policies. As symbolic representatives of the top 1% in the world, it is time for you to exercise a responsibility to help build a fair sharing of the world’s resources starting with your own Club.

This letter has been publicly released. We trust you will take our recommendations seriously.


Peter Phillips President Media Freedom Foundation

#Occupied: Reports From the Front Lines


Photo: Aaron Black

This week in Occupy, the National Gathering culminated in a gathering at Independence Mall, TPP was exposed as the latest NAFTA/SOPA nightmare, a Romney fundraiser hosted by David Koch was #occupied, and a homeowners bill of rights passed in California.

#NatGat culminated in Washington, D.C., on July 4 after a four-day occupation that began on June 30. The convergence gave participants a venue to network, prioritize issues and vent their grievances with the movement. This being an Occupy event, activists were greeted with oppression and harassment by police, and dozens were arrested. At one point, riot police engaged in a standoff with members of Veterans for Peace and Occupy Marines, who refused to vacate Independence Mall. Because of the modest turnout – hundreds, as opposed to the hoped-for thousands, some are asking whether the event was a bust.

The Occupellas of San Diego, raising hell as usual.

#About 100 Occupy supporters, led by the Occupy Guitarmy, gathered by the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia on July 5 to kick off a 99-mile march to Wall Street. Their week-long journey is tied to the 100th anniversary ofWoody Guthrie‘s birth on July 14.

#California lawmakers passed the nation’s first homeowners bill of rights, which will provide homeowners with some of the nation’s strongest protections from foreclosure, and such aggressive bank practices as seizing a home while the owner is negotiating to lower mortgage payments.

#The Libor scandal, in which bankers artificially set interest rates on unsecured borrowing, is being called the crime of the century. While the British media has trumpeted the story from its front pages because of Barclays’s involvement, the U.S. media hasn’t given it the same attention, despite the fact that nearly every major American bank is about to be engulfed. Some speculate that this may mark the end of the banking cabal that has apparently learned nothing from the crisis it caused in 2008. Eliot Spitzer, who prosecuted a number of fat cats during his time as Attorney General, says it’s no surprise – the Mafia has been emulating Wall Street’s crooked tactics for years. The biggest losers in this mess are the local governments that entered into false interest rates.

#The Occupella Chorus of San Diego, which raises awareness of Occupy-related issues through song, mic-checked a meeting between U.S. Trade Rep Barbara Weisel and lobbyists, professors and investors at a business roundtable at UCSD on July 3. At issue is the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a free trade contract dubbed “NAFTA on steroids” that would supposedly allow for a more open system of exchange between the U.S. and less-developed nations. In addition to driving up the price of medications and other goods across the world, the TPP is also said to include rules on intellectual property that would make participating countries adopt copyright measures far more restrictive than currently required by international treaties. The TPP will also rewrite the global rules on IP enforcement; for this reason, Anonymous refers to it as “SOPA 2.0.” The White House attempted to conceal the plan from the public and Congress because it demonstrates how Obama frequently bows to multinational corporations. The Yes Men crashed secret TPP negotiations in Dallas in May in an attempt to sound an early alarm. Protests against TPP are now popping up everywhere from secret negotiations to shopping malls.

#Censoring social media actually leads to more violent protests, two European researchers found.

#The MoneyOut/VotersIn affinity group of Occupy Wall Street#occupied a lavish fundraiser for Mitt Romney at David Koch’s palatial Southampton estate attended by titans of industryThe mainstream medianoticed.

#The barricades around the iconic “Charging Bull” statue in the Financial District aren’t just ugly, they’re also pushing tourists dangerously into traffic allege 40 members of Community Board 1, who passed a unanimous resolution against the metal gates. The gates were famously erected after the occupation of Zuccotti Park on September 17.

#Chase Manhattan Plaza, one of the early proposed sites for Occupy Wall Street, was open to the public for decades – until September 17. Ten months later the plaza is still closed and Chase is evasive as to why.

#Occupy Storefront issued a call to support Con Ed Local 1 and 2 after the utilitylocked out 8,500 workers following the failure of contract negotiations on July 1. At issue are pension plans, which the financial giant wants to scrap in favor of riskier 401 (k) plans. About 5,000 managers filled in for the locked-out workers during the recent heat wave, and some were injured as a result of their inexperience. “They’re going to kill somebody,” union spokesman John Melia said.

Strong Female Protagonist, Occupy’s first graphic heroine.

#A 20-year-old New School student and Occupy Wall Street activist is the subject of a new graphic novel,Strong Female Protagonist.

#Three Occupy Wall Street activists were arrested after attempting to chain themselves across a Brooklyn Bridge exit ramp to protest the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling and the tsunami of corporate campaign funding the decision unleashed.

#While media pundits sound out death knells for Occupy, many activists face harsh consequences for their involvement – like Mark Adams, who is serving a 45-day sentence for trespassing at Trinity Church-owned Duarte Square on December 17, earning him the unenviable distinction of being Occupy’s first political prisoner.

#The NYPD created and distributed Wanted-style posters featuring two Harlem activists who film the police as they conduct unlawful stop-and-frisks, labeling them “professional agitators” and including their home addresses on the flyers. The NYCLU called the harassment “disgusting.” The activists refuse to be intimidated.

#The NYPD also ticketed a couple for dancing the Charleston in a deserted subway station last week, then arrested them for filming the altercation. Neither of these activities is illegal.

Tienanmen Sid blocks a Koch-owned tank. Photo: Jim Brett

#Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is unhappy with Occupiers for posting a photo of two allegedly undercover officers who entrapped Occupiers during the anti-NATO gathering. While the police department won’t confirm or deny that the two are officers, the police superintendent did say that the picture’s release is unethical and “personally disgusting.” So there you go.

#Three Occupiers protesting the arrests of the NATO 5 were arrested themselves as they protested at the State Attorney’s Office. Police arrived at the sit-in almost immediately, arresting the three as they refused to leave.

#Despised South Carolina governor Nikki Haley is trying to eliminate funding for the arts, prompting the rise of a new group called Occupy the Arts, which plans on holding a protest at the Statehouse next week. Haley also vetoed nearly half a million dollars that was slated to go toward domestic violence and sexual assault prevention, calling it a “distraction.”

#The Lakeview Elementary School occupation in Oakland was raided on July 2. The dispersal was calm by all accounts, although protesters say that officers threatened to use chemical weapons to disperse the crowd. The People’s School, which offers classes, is still operating. Lakeview Elementary has been fixture of its neighborhood for nearly 100 years and is currently threatened with closing.

#The 626 Wilshire occupation has been confronted with targeted arrests and escalation of violence. Anthony Lascano, an activist there, was remanded back into custody at a trumped up bail hearing and is now being held on $75,000 bail after speaking truth to power on the sidewalks of Los Angeles for nine months. Help contribute to his bail fund.

#Occupy Marines released a statement to introduce Operation Returning Freedom, which seeks the repeal of the NDAA, the overturning of Citizens United and the toppling of the 1%.Semper Occupare.

#Friend of the paper Mickey Z-Vegan wrote about corporate media blackouts, which make it difficult to get Occupy news. (Hence the need for roundups like these.)

#Occupiers – and Etsy hipsters – have reclaimed the octopus, once a symbol of corporate domination.

#Occupy Buffalo and other Western and Central New York peace groups are calling for the end of the military presence at the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station to make way for a solar array, which could increase the area’s renewable energy output by as much as 50 percent and create more than 600 new, higher paying jobs.

#Occupy the Farm is trying to prevent the city of Berkeley from turning a plot of university-owned land into a Whole Foods. Two days earlier, members of the Gill Tract occupation briefly returned to the contentious plot of farmland in Albany to harvest cucumbers, eggplants and other vegetables they planted before police evicted them seven weeks ago for trespassing.

Activists from Marcellus Shale Earth First! erected a blockade at an EQT hydro-fracking site in Moshannon State Forest in Clearfield County, Pa., halting drilling operations. Photo: Green Mountain Brigade

#New Orleans, which has become a haven for sustainable living in the years since the federal government fatally bungled the response to Hurricane Katrina, is home to anawesome community printshop that every occupation should patronize for their printing needs. Here’s how you can keep this project alive.

#Occupy Boise is teaming up with the ACLU to sue the state of Idaho over new protest laws.

#Occupy Wildfire Homes is a relief effort to help all those who lost their homes and livelihoods in the Colorado wildfire disaster.

#Residents of Detroit’s Goldengate neighborhood reported that police ticketed some of the people who are living in abandoned houses they helped make habitable as part of the Goldengate Restoration Project.

#On July 10, SWAT police forced their way into the Seattle apartment of Occupy organizers, who were confronted with automatic weapons.

#MicCheckWallStreet makes it rain in Seattle.

#During the annual July 4 Cherry Days Parade in Paonia, Colorado, former town councilman Sid Lewis stepped in front of a tank owned by billionaire energy magnate and local ranch owner Bill Koch – brother of Charles and David and owner of Oxbow Mining Co., Gunnison Energy Corp. and a growing list of ranches around Delta, Pitkin and Gunnison counties – in protest of a land-swap project, earning him the nickname “Tienanmen Sid.” “I thought it would be a good chance to speak up about democracy,” Lewis said.

#Bill Zimmerman of Truthout theorizes that Occupy will surpass the activism of the 1960s.

#MicCheckWallStreet dropped $5,000 printed with the messages “Money as speech silences us all, end Citizens United” from a Seattle hotel room.

#Several groups affiliated with OccupySF took to the Canadian Consulate to protest in solidarity with students in Quebec.

Texas A&M students block the hate.

#Gay couple Mark “Major” Jiminez and Beau Chandler were arrested at the Dallas County Clerk’s Office on July 5 after they were denied a marriage license and handcuffed themselves to each other and sat on the floor. “This is about not being treated equal,” Chandler said. For what it’s worth, the couple earned well-wishes from straight couples waiting to get married, as well as the clerk’s assistant, who got teary-eyed when Chandler and Jiminez stated their intention to marry.

#Austin activists celebrated the 4th of July by occupying the capitol building.

#When students at Texas A&M found out that the bile-wielding Westboro Baptist Church was planning a protest at the funeral of a soldier who was killed in active duty, they formed a “maroon wall” around the church to shelter the family and friends of the fallen soldier.

#The Peruvian government has declared a state of emergency in the mountain region of Cajamarca, where thousands have gathered to protest the expansion of a gold mine owned by the U.S.-based Newmont Mining. Using live ammunition against the protesters, police killed five people this week alone.

Members of the European Parliament bid adieu to ACTA. Photo: Occupy Clermont-Ferrand

#The European Parliamentoverwhelmingly defeated an international anti-piracy trade agreement after concern that it would limit Internet freedom sparked street protests in cities across Europe.

#On July 6, the women of Tahrir Square staged a protest against sexual harassment, which is epidemic in the streets of the Arab world’s most populous country.

#The Quebec student strike, which dominated the spring sitting of the Quebec National Assembly, will resume on August 17 when courses are set to begin again at 14 junior colleges.

#Two Athenian men leaped to their deaths on June 28 and 29: a 70-year-old man who jumped from his flat after a court clerk stopped by to issue him an eviction notice, and a middle-aged bank worker who leapt from the Acropolis. Experts associate the growing suicide rate with the disillusionment of the Greek population at the unabated financial crisis.

#Israel’s Occupy movement is struggling against divided leadership, a stronger government and the perception that last summer’s protests accomplished little. Occupy Wall Street organizer Yotam Marom penned an article in Haaretz, “Advice From the Occupy Movement,” urging occupier there to stand with their impoverished Palestinian neighbors.

Tens of thousands of protesters marched in Mexico City on June 30 to protest vote-buying. Photo: Scott Nodlan

#Police stopped by an Occupy London, Ontario, general assembly meeting to have a dialogue with occupiers, who schooled the police on the Occupy protest experience and asked questions about how to better co-exist moving forward. If only cops in every city were as willing to engage in discussion.

#Ireland is ready to frack, despite the dangers.

#Thousands of people rushed to stores to redeem pre-paid gift cards they said were given to them by the party that won Mexico’s presidency, inflaming accusations that the recent election was marred by widespread vote-buying.

#The Oklahoma Daily wishes Occupy had the passionate intensity of European, Canadian and Mexican protests, which routinely attract tens of thousands. Don’t we all.

#We’ve reported on this before, but debtors’ prisons are making a comeback, thanks to the farming-out of fine collection to private companies, which routinely add interest that people cannot pay. The criminalization of the poor continues.

#Those who default on their student loans are at risk of having their bank accounts drained and wages garnished — more than 30 years after the fact.

Austin, July 4: #occupied.

#A Pennsylvania voter ID law will disenfranchise 10% of voters. Laws all over the country are tossing thousands of votes on technicalities, placing the upcoming election in peril. In Florida, Governor Rick Scott’s voter purge list proved to be 98.4% inaccurate and targets primarily people of color, proving that voter purges are thinly-veiled racism.

#Veteran journalist Bill Moyers explains how SuperPACs are robbing Americans of their say in their democracy. “People haven’t lost their voice – they can’t afford a voice,” he said.

#“The American people are angry,” Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders said from the Senate floor. “They are angry because they are living through the worst recession since the Great Depression.”

#Cellphone carriers reported that they responded to a startling 1.3 million demands for subscriber information last year from law enforcement agencies seeking text messages, caller locations and other information in the course of investigations.

#Fact of the day: America is the easiest country in the world to fire workers, according to the OECD.

#The Union of Concerned Scientists has launched an aggressive ad campaign against Monsanto.

#Are governments preventing people from growing their own food?

#In an apparent capitulation to the exceedingly unpopular tobacco industry, a tiny amendment buried in the federal transportation bill put operators of roll-your-own cigarette operations in Las Vegas and nationwide out of business on July 7. “These cigarettes don’t have any of the chemicals in them, and the papers are chemical-free, unlike the cartons people buy from Philip Morris,” explained Amy Hinds, operator of Sin City Cigarette Factory.

#A student at the School of Economics and Management in Essen, Germany, has been sued for finishing his masters degree eight semesters early, depriving the university of money. Wow, Germany, how downright American of you.

#In a bit of news that will surprise absolutely no one, banks profit from the Colombian drug trade – particularly Bank of America, which laundered money for Mexico’s brutal Zetas cartel.

Occupy Düsseldorf mic-checks a city council meeting on July 5, where they confronted Mayor Dirk Elbers.

#In a frightening example of how the state is tightening its grip around the Internet, it has emerged thatYouTube is complying with thousands of requests from governments to censor and remove videos that show protests and other examples of citizens simply asserting their rights, while also deleting search terms by government mandate.

#The ACLU’s New Jersey chapter has introduced a smartphone app to allow state residents to secretly record police stops, protect the recordings from being deleted by displeased officers and report the incidents to civil rights groups.

#More and more Republican GOP challengers and incumbents have declined, so far, to take Grover Norquist’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge. Maybe because austerity is unpopular and DOES NOT WORK.

#Shocking: Like the oil industry, Wal-mart receives more government handouts than people in need. Meanwhile, the Waltons are the richest family in America – six of themhave more wealth than the bottom 30 percent of the country. That’s right: Six old white people have more wealth than millions of Americans in need.

There are 18 countries where it’s better to be a woman than the U.S., the only developed nation that does not offer health care or paid maternity leave.

#Joyce D. Miller, an influential advocate for women who believed that equality in the workplace could be best achieved through labor unions, and who championed that cause when she broke into the male-dominated leadership of the A.F.L.-C.I.O., has died at age 84.

#Have you been to jail for justice? You’re in good company.

#Occupy Our Homes ATL and the Pittsburgh community are trying to keep Tacco Collins, single mother of 11, from becoming homeless. Here’s how you can help.

#Occupy Healthcare. Just do it.

Want to report news about your occupation or meetup? Email me at JenSacks77@gmail.com.

This week’s roundup was brought to you in conjunction with Occupy ALL the Updates, curated by citizen journalist SIUKittyPie, and Occupier and journalist Kelli Daley.

#Occupied: Reports From the Front Lines


Thousands march through Los Angeles’s Chinatown to stop Wal-mart’s invasion of Los Angeles. Photo: Neil Jacobs, IATSE Local 600

This week in Occupy, the Occupy National Gathering is under way in Philadelphia, Los Angeles rejects Wal-mart, hundreds marched on California’s capitol to demand a foreclosure moratorium and two Brazilian activists pay with their lives for speaking at the People’s Summit in Rio.

#The Occupy National Gathering is in full swing in Philadelphia until July 4, and the mainstream media took notice. (It’s the turning point of the movement, dontcha know – just like May 1 was.) So far there’s been the predictable police kettling of peaceful protesters, and an unarmed man was hit in the throat with a baton. Check here for live updates.

The Overpass Light Brigade beams its message to drivers in Madison, WI, on June 30.

#At least three of the dozens of people arrested defending the Cruz home in South Minneapolis from foreclosure are now being retroactively charged with third degree riot – a rather serious charge – in addition to obstructing legal process, disorderly conduct and presence at an unlawful assembly.

#Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts unexpectedly flipped his position and joined the majority in declaring the Affordable Care Act constitutional by treating the individual mandate as a tax. Though a rollback of the provisions of the Act already in effect would have detrimental to millions, the resulting law is hardly Medicare-for-all and still treats health care as a consumer product as opposed to a right. Firedoglake separates myth from fact.

#Montana lost the power to enforce its 110-year-old ban on money in politics, thanks to a Supreme Court ruling.

#A demonstration in Chile staged by the Confederation of Chilean Students to protest educational profiteering and rising tuition drew 150,000 to Santiago.

#Two fishermen who openly discussed the impacts of oil, mining and steel projects on people and land at a June 19 People’s Summit meeting tied to Rio + 20 were found dead days later. The men were leaders of the Association of Sea Men, which was set up in 2009 to defend the rights of the fisher-folk working in Rio de Janeiro.

Demonstrators march on the California capitol to demand a moratorium on foreclosure. Photo: Rally For Homes
#Clergy, homeowners, labor unions and Occupy groups from around California rallied at the State Capitol in Sacramento to call for Gov. Jerry Brown and lawmakers to halt all home foreclosures. Occupy Santa Barbara organized outside the Santa Barbara County Courthouse in solidarity.

#Thousands marched through Los Angeles’s Chinatown on June 30 to stop Walmart from invading Los Angeles with low wage, poverty-level jobs. Ben Harper and Tom Morello performed.

#Twitter has been ordered to give a New York City judge almost three months’ worth of Occupy Wall Street protester Malcolm Harris’s tweets despite the social networking company’s efforts to fight prosecutors’ demand for the messages. But Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Matthew Sciarrino Jr. ruled that prosecutors would need a search warrant – not just a subpoena – to get the final day’s worth of tweets they seek from Harris.

Queens Occupy activists demonstrate in front of the Citibank building in Long Island City. Photo: Mickey Z-Vegan
#An Occupy Wall Street contingent of about 100 joined New York City’s annual Gay Pride Parade, “reclaiming the parade for community, not corporations,” they said.

#Occupy AstoriaLIC staged Occupy the Citi on June 27 to protest Citibank, the skyline’s main attraction in western Queens.

#A group of former Republic Windows and Doors occupiers are taking back the American dream and forming a worker-run cooperative to manufacture high quality, environmental windows and doors. You remember the epic Republic Windows and Doors occupation in Chicago, don’t you?

#Occupy Congressional candidate and Bum Rush the Vote co-founder George Martinez lost his bid to represent Brooklyn’s 7th district. “This was never about quick fixes, for there are no easy solutions to empowering marginalized communities,” he wrote in a letter to his supporters. “There is only hard work, dedication and innovation.”

#The annual Fourth of July parade in the upstate town of Potsdam, New York, will feature an Occupy Wall Street float.

#Occupy Carson City, Nevada, presented petitions signed by more than 1,000 voters asking officials to back a constitutional amendment that would bar big corporations and the rich from pumping unlimited money into political campaigns.

#Metroccupied is back with its second issue, which features retired Philadelphia police captain Ray Lewis on the front page.

Retired Philadelphia police captain and Occupy activist Ray Lewis distributing #Metroccupied on 40th Street and 8th Avenue in Manhattan. Photo: #Metroccupied
#Occupied Media continues to expand: check out the Occupy KC Journal and the Occupied Detroit Free Press.

#The Occupy Caravan arrived in Philadelphia after two weeks of cross-country travel to 50 cities.

#Occupy D.C. has a new website that maps data about campaign finance “bundling” using stats from the city’s Office of Campaign Finance. The occupation in the nation’s capital has also returned to McPherson Square after occupying office space, and this time they’re staying.

#Sponsors of the Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association are pulling out after social media backlash following statements made in the Association’s bimonthly newsletter that insulted Occupiers.

#The Department of Homeland Security has given the University of California-Berkeley a $200,000 grant to purchase an “armored response counterattack truck” for its campus police department, to the dismay of Occupiers in the area, who fear they will be targeted.

#Small police departments across America are collecting battlefield-grade arsenals thanks to a program that allows them to get their hands on military surplus equipment at virtually no cost.

#A judge has ordered that the names of police involved in the U.C. Davis pepper spraying fiasco last year must be released. And Oakland Mayor Jean Quan is being called out again, this time for misstating facts about city crime rates and locations.

Meghan Owen, a Congressional candidate in Texas, stages a one-woman protest against the Human Rights Campaign for “consistently throwing Transpeople under the bus.” Photo: Meghan Owen
#Counterpunch parses the future ofOccupy Oakland, which is far from dead, thank you very much. In fact, the occupation has filed suit against the city of Oakland and Alameda County seeking a modest $10,000 in damages stemming from the January 28 kettling outside the YMCA.

#Six environmental activists were arrested at Oregon’s state capitol while protesting a plan they said would sharply increase clear-cut logging of old-growth timber in a state forest.

#Occupy Honolulu got raided on the basis of a law that prohibits people from disturbing trash left out for pickup.

#The Occupy Detroit Activist Choir, consisting primarily of children, performed at Occupy Detroit’s Summer Festival on June 23.

#In foreclosure defense news, Occupy Detroit succeeds in keeping people in their homes. Occupy Our Homes ATL is helping Cobb County resident Steve Boudreaux obtain a mortgage modification from Wells Fargo after the bank prematurely pushed ahead with a foreclosure sale instead of waiting for Boudreaux’s paperwork to process. The co-founder of YES! Magazine discusses the burgeoning foreclosure defense movement. And in California, the Homeowner Bill of Rights is one step closer to becoming reality.

The People’s Summit marches on Avenida Rio Branco in Rio de Janeiro, June 26.
#Occupy Seattle is fighting incarceration, incineration and gentrification. Not necessarily in that order.

#Six months after Occupy Evanston began protesting the city’s investments in Chase Bank, aldermen approved a motion to solicit proposals for a possible banking transfer.

#Nearly 1,000 people took over the Ohio Statehouse to protest hydraulic fracturing. After rallying and marching to the Capitol building, hundreds poured in—without a permit—to hold a People’s Assembly to decide how they, the people, could end the practice in their state.

#Over 300 people participated in a march to the Lakeview School Sit-In on June 23. Here’s why they occupy.

#Inmates at Georgia’s Jackson State Prison are staging a hunger strike.

Shaila Hidalgo, a striking coal miner at a protest march in Langreo, near Oviedo, Spain. Photo: Learn and Fight
#Are Spain’s indignados losing steam? Hardly.

#Activists report that 800 were killed in Syria this week. Some of the victims were entire families.

#U.S. assassination drone strikes have claimed the lives of at least 29 people in eastern Somalia.

#An interest rate rigging scandal at Barclays Bank that prompted its chairman to resign was the result of a coordinated attempt at collusion by traders working for a coterie of leading banks over at least five years.

#As Julian Assange takes refuge at the Ecuadorian parliament for a ninth day, his mother gave The People’s Record two intensive interviews refuting misconceptions about her son, pointing out that he has never been charged with a crime in any country.

#The HSBC Holdings Bank in Hong Kong has filed for eviction against Occupy Central, which is occupying the ground floor of their headquarters, but the protesters still aren’t leaving.

#Austerity protests are spreading in Sudan despite police repression.

Occupy Düsseldorf has a funeral for democracy on June 29.
#Anti-nuclear protesters gathered at the prime minister’s official residence in Tokyo to protest the restarting of a nuclear reactor. The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster occurred on March 11, 2011, in the aftermath of a massive earthquake and tsunami, and the protest outside the prime minister’s office has become a weekly event in the past few months.

#Police repression greeted a protest in Haiti decrying government plans to evict residents from homes precariously perched on the hills above the capital Port-au-Prince. “These decisions are always made against the most poor,” one protester said. “The rich have huge homes that aren’t affected. They want to chase us away, but where to?”

#Jim Gober’s new book Deep in the Heart of Occupy Austin describes the evolution of a rag-tag group of protesters who decide to become “the super-warriors who are finally going to slay the fire-breathing hydra of Corporatism, Fascism, Oligarchism and Plutocracy that ate their future and the lives of millions throughout history.” And it’s getting good reviews, y’all.

Mexico’s Yo Soy 132 movement attracts thousands in Mexico City. Photo: Primavera Mexicana

#The Senate said it’s reached a deal that will prevent interest rates on college loans from doubling for millions of students.

#Why is NATO expanding in the Caucasus region? The Centre for Research on Globalization has the answer, and it is perpetual war.

#Big corporations, small-time businesses, rogues and scoundrels have all claimed Delaware addresses in hopes of minimizing taxes, skirting regulations, plying friendly courts or, when needed, covering their tracks. Federal authorities worry that, in addition to the legitimate businesses flocking here, drug traffickers, embezzlers and money launderers are increasingly heading to Delaware, too. This shouldn’t surprise the Senator from MBNA, our current vice president, who made this domestic Grand Cayman possible.

#Inequality is back to World War II levels.

#Rolling Stone explored the declining middle class by profiling people living in their cars in Santa Barbara – people who not long ago had lives and jobs that the Great Recession eviscerated.

#Occupy the Police? Why not – they’re the 99% too.

The Chilean student movement brings out an estimated 150,000 people in the name of education reform.

#Seattle Police attacked a queer street party on Pride weekend. One man pepper-sprayed by police was released without charges.

#28% of Americans have no emergency savings, though that number seems a bit low.

#Weapons manufacturer Northrop Grumman awarded a lobbyist a $500,000 bonus weeks before he became a low-paid congressional staffer shaping military policy.

#A recent study says allowing workers paid sick leave could account for healthier families and more than one billion dollars in savings, but the American Legislative Exchange Council and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker are fighting it.

#Scary thought: do the Koch brothers determine our energy dependence?

#Rep. Dennis Kucinich helped kick off a hunger strike of postal workers protesting an effort to privatize and dismantle the cash-strapped United States Postal Service.

#With just $1,000 in parts, a group of researchers from the University of Texas at Austin Radionavigation Laboratory hacked a drone owned by the college while the Department of Homeland Security was forced to watch.

#Texas Republicans say schools should engage in corporal punishment and shouldn’t teach sex education or “higher order thinking skills.” Because it worked out just fine for them, right?

Tom Morello rocks Wal-mart right out of Los Angeles. Neil Jacobs, IATSE Local 600

#Biotechnology giant Syngenta has officially been outed for deliberately hiding data that proves the company’s genetically-modified corn is directly responsible for killing livestock. The company now faces criminal charges.

#In the future, Internet broadband may be metered.

#Tom Engelhardt welcomes the Class of 2012 into our corrupted, #occupied world.

#The wildfires in the west, which include the most destructive wildfire in Colorado history, are fueled by climate change.

#For the past four years, San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station has had the highest number of safety complaints of any nuclear plant in the country. Yet workers there arenot protected by California’s whistle-blower laws – among the strongest in the nation – because San Onofre sits on federal land ceded to Southern California Edison back in the 1960s. Anti-nuclear activists have asked the Oceanside City Council to put nuclear safety on the agenda.

Fifth Mike-Bridges with retired Philadelphia police captain Ray Lewis at the Occupy National Gathering in Philly. Photo: Fifth Mike-Bridges

#JPMorgan Chase’s Ina Drew was awarded a$21.5 million severance after helping to lose $9 billion in a risky hedge. This is called “failing up.”

#Pfc. Breanna (Bradley) Manning ranked #9 on Newsweek/The Daily Beast’s power index of revolutionaries. Meanwhile, in a victory for Manning, a judge ordered military prosecutors to hand over key damage reports from the CIA, FBI, State Department and the Office of the National Counter Intelligence Executive, and perform to do an accounting of evidence discoverable to the defense.

#A vigil was held in Philadelphia on June 29 to mourn the lesbian couple shot by unknown assailants in Texas. One of the women died and the other is in critical condition.

#Occupy Wall Street activists are crashing a fundraiser for Mitt Romney at David Koch’s Southampton estate on July 8.

The Overpass Light Brigade beams its health care message to Madison, Wisconsin.

#Have you tried MIT’s Living Wage Calculator?

#On September 1, Funk the War wants you to take to the streets and dance in protest to the war in Afghanistan, drone strikes in Pakistan and the pending war with Iran.

#Members of Occupy Denton and Rising Tide North Texas will be travelingthroughout Texas and Oklahoma to speak about the dangers of the Keystone XL pipeline.

#And finally, the Onion weighs in on the uphill battle against a corporate-financed democracy.

Want to report news about your occupation or meetup? Email me at JenSacks77@gmail.com.

This week’s roundup was brought to you in conjunction with Occupy ALL the Updates, curated by citizen journalist SIUKittyPie, and Occupier and journalist Kelli Daley.